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The final stretch is here. After weeks of pouring your heart and soul into your contest prep, you're down to the final four days. You've done everything you could to get to this point, but now isn't the time to start coasting. The next few days will be critical, with every little detail counting towards your end goal. Because you know, your audience knows, and the judges certainly know: It's all about being your driest when you step onstage. When the difference between winning and losing comes down to millimetres, you need MICRO•DRY™.

A Powerful Solution for Shedding Excess Water.
MICRO•DRY is a maximum-strength diuretic that can rapidly rid your body of excess water trapped beneath your skin. Its potent formula makes puffiness and bloating a thing of the past, so that all you can see is finely etched muscle definition.

Proprietary Complexes Make MICRO•DRY One-of-a-Kind
MICRO•DRY's THIN SKIN Complex contains a variety of natural ingredients that have been highly valued in both traditional and modern medicine. For example, Burdock Root – a plant native to Europe and North Asia – helps increase urine output and eliminate excess water. It also induces sweating, which helps to remove toxins through the skin. Then there's Dandelion Leaf, which also acts as a diuretic, increasing the amount of urine your body produces. Juniper Fruit is another integral part of this complex. By increasing the frequency and volume of urination, it reduces bloating and removes excess water, salts, and dangerous toxins from your system. With Vitamin C added for extra health, the THIN SKIN Complex is a powerful tool for helping you look your leanest. While each ingredient works well on its own, they are even more powerful when combined.

The ANTI-CRAMPING Complex is just as essential to peak athletic performance. Magnesium, for example, helps promote strong bones, a strong skeletal system, a healthy metabolism, and more energy. While some magnesium is naturally found in our body, supplementation is crucial since most of us aren't getting enough magnesium through our daily diet. The ANTI-CRAMPING Complex also contains potassium, which works with sodium to control the fluid in your cells. With the help of magnesium, potassium is pushed into your cells and sodium is pushed out of your cells – helping to maintain a proper electrolyte balance and giving you the dry look you want.

To learn more about how MICRO•DRY can help you see dramatically better results, check out the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does MICRO•DRY work?

A. MICRO•DRY is a natural – yet incredibly powerful – diuretic that works with your kidneys to rid your body of excess salt (sodium) and water. The more fluid that's removed, the harder and more defined you'll look. The best part is, while MICRO•DRY attacks the stubborn water lingering beneath your skin (also known as subcutaneous water), it carefully spares the good stuff – the minerals, electrolytes and water inside your muscle cells that are so crucial to physical performance.

Q. Who should use MICRO•DRY?
A. MICRO•DRY has been formulated with competitive bodybuilders in mind, simply because of the high stakes associated with stepping onstage. After many weeks (usually 8 to 16) of grueling training and relentless dieting, it all comes down to how hard and defined a bodybuilder looks in front of the judges. Sure, size and shape are important. But someone who shows up soft or bloated won't stand a chance against someone who's hard and dry to the bone.

Q. I'm not a competitive bodybuilder. Can I still use MICRO•DRY?
A. Absolutely. While MICRO•DRY has been designed to meet the incredibly high demands of competitive bodybuilders, we recognize that not all bodybuilders will choose to compete. Some live the lifestyle because they want to continually better themselves, not because they're in it to win. Other athletes from different sports altogether – such as boxing, mixed martial arts, etc. –can also benefit from MICRO•DRY. At the end of the day, it's not about what sport you play or what level you're at. It's about how shredded you want to become. MICRO•DRY is for anyone who wants to get rid of bloating, experience insane muscle definition and look his or her absolute tightest. It's as simple as that.

Q. What kind of events can MICRO•DRY help me prep for?
A. Along with bodybuilding shows and other sporting events, there are a ton of special "everyday" events where you can benefit from using MICRO•DRY. Got a beach trip coming up? A wedding or party you want to look great at? A photo shoot you want to nail? These are just a few instances where MICRO•DRY can give you the extra edge you need in looking your best.

Q. Can MICRO•DRY help me lose fat?
A. Soon after trying MICRO•DRY, you'll likely notice how much tighter you look due to water loss. However, MICRO•DRY shouldn't be used as a method of permanent fat loss. If you're looking for a powerful, scientifically advanced fat burner, check out SUB-Q® instead.

Q. How do I take MICRO•DRY?
A. Healthy adults should take three caplets daily, or as directed by a health care practitioner. As advised with all of our supplements, make sure to read the entire label before use.

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