X-110 Protein Puffs 1 Bag

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Why Buy X-110® High Protein Snacks?

(i.e. the reason we put 9 vowels in the word “goooooooood”)

Hikers need protein snacks too!

You need protein. You want a snack! X-110® is a win-win. Just 110 calories per easy-to-carry bag, but it has 10 grams of protein to take the edge off your hunger.

Kids enjoy protein snacks

The skinny on egg whites. Meet the perfect food. Egg whites are high in protein — but also highly digestible with no fat, low sugar and almost no carbs. Get essential amino acids your body needs. Enjoy steady and sustained energy without surges in blood sugar or insulin. They also provide a blast of thiamin, riboflavin, folate, B12 and B6 — they help convert food into energy.

Cheering fans

Muscle gain requires protein
On demand protein! Quick blasts of foods high in protein before and after workouts are key to successful building of muscle mass. Made from egg whites, X-110® makes it easy to bring high protein foods to the gym — quick and easy snacks with no preparation required. Just pack and go! Egg whites are also high in leucine for muscle strength and recovery.

And X-110® crunchy snacks taste great! Enjoy a quick treat like a chip but made from protein rich egg whites, not empty calories. They really satisfy and they satisfy longer. Perfect for a good time with old friends.


4 Yummy Flavours of X-110® Crunchy Protein Snacks

Why enjoy these healthy snacks? Is it the quick protein boost? The satisfying crunch? Or that “finally filled feeling” you get after just 1 bag? Maybe it’s all these reasons. Here’s 4 more from our Flavour Eggheads.

Family barbeque with X-110®Big Sky BBQ

Expect company when you tear open a bag. The thrill of the grill infuses this party lover’s smoky mix of tomato, garlic, onions and kazaammm! It’s sure to satisfy your craving for a tasty protein boost ? and keep your neighbours pounding on the door.

Kids winning a soccer game Sea Salt Caramel

Simultaneously sweet & sassy, like that cute little kid who punches your arm—hard! This flavour goes to both extremes, just like X-110® itself. A crunchy treat that boosts your body with a hard punch of protein while smacking down your hunger!

X-110® is a great after-workout snack!Peppercorn Lemon

Like a symphony with just two instruments! Our flavour maestros have made citrus and spice dance together on your palate while delivering the protein bass line you need. All through the performance, there’s a constant gratifying crunch on percussion.

Protein snacks with a Mediterranean taste!

Zesty Mediterranean

¡Hola to Opa in just one bite! When the sundrenched Riviera or rocky island beaches are calling, reach for your favourite Mediterranean treat! Egg, onion, cheese, garlic, tomato, peppers, and lime unite to whisk your mouth off on an exotic flavour vacation!

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