Fat Gripz 2.25"

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Using a thicker diameter bar causes much greater muscle activation in the arms. This increased muscle activation creates significant muscle size and strength gains

Fat Gripz work by instantly converting barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars and cable attachments into thick bars (also known as axel bars, fat bars or super bars)

Made from a specialized high-density material a lot like extra tough rubber (you will surprised by how solid they feel)

They have a slit on one side which allows them to be pulled open and fitted tightly around the bar

Whether training for a great physique, functional strength or raw power, Fat Gripz will help you get bigger and stronger using the science of thick-bar training

Used by thousands of athletes and military including champion bodybuilders, many NFL players, Special Forces soldiers, UFC fighters, Crossfit athletes and thousands of people working out to achieve exceptional results around the World

They cost less than a bottle of protein powder and will help you build muscle and strength for a lifetime

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