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Defcon1 is the highest state of alert. It is a pre-workout formula created for people who don’t have time to waste. If you need your body at maximum readiness and peak performance, Defcon1 will take you there. It combines Explosive Energy, Tactical Focus, and High-Intensity Pumps in a single, delicious scoop.
Each serving of Defcon1 has 11 active ingredients working synergistically to deliver a nuclear-payload of a workout experience. The best pre-workouts provide a fusion of Energy, Muscle Pumps, Focus, Strength, and Recovery – Defcon1 does all of this and more. 
As with all Platinum Labs products, we have zero proprietary blends – what you see is exactly what you get.
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Directions of Use

Recommended adult dose is one serving mixed in 8-12oz of water 30 minutes prior to exercise. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not take within 6 hours of sleep. Use only as directed. May aid or assist with weight loss or lean muscle gain when used in conjunction with an appropriate eating and
exercise plan.

DISCLAIMER: Defcon1 will produce intense focus and energy and may increase blood pressure and heart rate and therefore: You should not use Defcon1 if you suffer from and/or are being treated for blood pressure issues, thyroid issues, stroke, any heart related conditions, any disorder related to the liver or kidneys, any psychiatric illness or disorder and/or any other mental condition at all without your health practitioners permission. Defcon1 should not be taken alongside any medication at all without the prescribing doctors permission. You should always consult with your health practitioner before taking any supplements. Ingredients in this product may be banned by certain sporting codes or workplaces and may cause false positives.

Contains Caffeine*. Recommended maximum daily dose contains 200mg of caffeine.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (7.1g)
Servings per Container: 30
 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*
Beta Alanine is a pre-workout staple for a good reason – it increases muscle carnosine levels to reduce muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up. The result? You’ll be able to work out longer and train harder! 
Taurine has two important functions in Defcon1. Firstly, it uses strong antioxidant properties to protect muscles against damage and post-exercise soreness. Secondly, it improves aerobic exercise performance, as muscle Taurine levels tend to deplete during extended exercise. 
Creatine Hcl750mg
Creatine is one of the most studied and proven ingredients in sports nutrition. However, Creatine Monohydrate has low absorption properties, meaning large doses are required to get the full benefits. By attaching a hydrochloride group to the Creatine molecule, we can effectively enhance its absorption by almost 40 times!
Agmatine Sulfate750mg
AGmass is a pure and trademarked version of Agmatine Sulfate. Agmatine Sulfate is a derivative of Arginine, which is a well known Nitric Oxide boosting compound. However, AGmass goes far beyond just Nitric Oxide production – it decreases anxiety and stress levels while enhancing cognition during training. Now you can benefit from stress-free focus and pumps!
L-Tyrosine is the more bioavailable version of Tyrosine, which is a precursor to many important focus and mood chemicals within the brain such as Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, and Dopamine. The body converts L-Tyrosine into these chemicals and gives the human body a boost in alertness, attention, and focus
L-Citrulline is one of the most effective Nitric Oxide boosters available, combined with the other pump ingredients in Defcon1 it will have you achieving those nuclear pumps!
Choline Bitartrate250mg
Choline Bitartrate is a brain supplement that improves memory and mental performance. As a direct precursor to Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, Chlorine Bitartrate allows the brain to work at peak performance without elevating heart rate or requiring the use of stimulants.
Caffeine Anhydrous180mg
For hundreds of years, Caffeine has established itself as one of the most effective and popular sources of energy. Caffeine promotes increased brain function, elevates heart rate, and fights fatigue. The dosage of 180mg is specifically designed to work with the other ingredients in Defcon1 to deliver an intense and effective workout experience.
L-Tryptophan is an excellent ingredient for focus, too much and you can feel sleepy but the right dosage combined with the other stimulants and focus compounds in Defcon1 and you will be dialed in!
Theobromine is an effective vasodilator as well as a mood enhancer. Typically found in chocolate, Theobromine has slight stimulant properties that combine effectively with Caffeine and L-Theanine, but with the added benefits of mood enhancement and counteracting vasoconstriction (blood flow reduction) of other stimulants.
Betaine Anhydrous50mg
Betaine works synergistically with the other ingredienta in Defcon1 to promote mental focus and increase nitric oxide levels in the blood
Higenamine HCl50mg
Higenamine is a strong stimulant that drops like a bomb to produce an intense workout rush that will help you power through the most gruelling of sessions. More than just a stimulant, Higenamine also increases lung intake and encourages better cardiac function.
Synephrine HCl30mg
*Percent Daily Value based on a 2,000 calorie diet
✝ Daily Value not established.
✝ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Brand Platinum Labs
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