Battle Shakers 20Oz

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⦁ Patented Ultra-durable Design
⦁ Constructed of Thick Gauge Plastic Resins
⦁ Double Leak-proof 
⦁ Dishwasher Safe
⦁ BPA and DEHP Free
⦁ Handy Storage compartment

Battle Shakers are designed to mix all powdered supplements quickly and thoroughly. Our patented dome design and spout plug make Battle Shakers 100% double leak-proof and are dishwasher-safe. There is a compartment in the base where you can store your favorite powdered supplement, valuables or even your car key fob. Battle Shakers are free from toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and DEHP.*

Whether your battlefield is the gym, cross-fit box, obstacle course, track, or wherever your body is pushed to its limits, Battle Shakers are your indispensable weapon to help you win the battle to be your best.

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