Yummy Sports Iso 1lb Swiss Chocolate

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Fat Free
Formulated Without Gluten
Naturally Sweetened
Sugar Free

High Quality
Source Of Protein

Yummy Sports Whey Protein Isolate is a gluten-free product containing a high quality source of protein that is easily absorbed and digested by the body. This product is a healthy, clean source of protein that can be easily implemented into your daily diet. Free of any antibiotics or hormones, it provides 27 grams of protein and 112 calories per serving.

Yummy Sports Quality Full Disclosure Label

The best choice for professional athletes. Yummy Sports is the line of daily supplements that professional athletes trust to maintain their health, stay safe and remain compliant.

Whey ProteinĀ 27g

Every scoop of Yummy Sports Isolate contains 27G of the purest, fully disclosed whey protein on the market.

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Directions of Use

Add 1 scoop of ISO in 8oz of cold water or milk. Make sure to shake well for full mixability, we recommend using a shaker cup. You can vary the amount of liquid based on the consistency and taste you desire. You can consume ISO throughout the day based on your desired protein intake requirements. Contains : Milk and Soy (as a soy lecithin).

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