Mutant Flex Food 20 Servings

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Eating for muscle requires a consistent and balanced diet, but it takes time, effort and discipline to shop for, prepare and eat healthy meals regularly. If your nutrition plan slides your results will come slow - or never. Don’t let that be you. 

When you lack time, forget to plan - or s#*t happens - be ready with flexible and complete real food macros on-demand. Designed from real bodybuilding meals, MUTANT® FLEX FOOD is loaded with a grocery list of 46 real food ingredients, including 25g per serving of a complete, EAA & BCAA-rich whey & plant protein blend, plus 14.5g of clean carbs, fibre and good fats. Unlike other so-called MRPs FLEX FOOD is enriched with alkalizing greens, antioxidant superfoods, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals for a complete and balanced real food muscle shake made fast and easy!

FLEX FOOD is flexible as hell to use! Meal-time, shake-time, anytime you need the perfect muscle meal - even for keto, gluten-free, or vegetarian diets. This thick and satisfying shake makes sticking to your meal plan easier - so you can crush your goals faster! Take the difficulty out of discipline with FLEX FOOD.

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