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Proteins come in a variety of forms. Sources like whey are ideal around workouts when you want aminos - fast. Casein proteins are better between meals and before bed when slower delivery, over several hours, is preferred. Moderate-release proteins like egg and goat's milk are easily digested and contain all of the essential amino acids, which makes them great choices most other times.

PROMASIL's elite blend combines fast, intermediate, and slower-digesting sources to deliver the best of all worlds: a single protein powder that is versatile enough for all day use. Whether you drink your shake in the morning, after workouts, or between meals, PROMASIL's multi-source blend provides broad-spectrum amino acid coverage in one convenient package.

Greater numbers of athletes are choosing foods and supplements made with more natural ingredients. And while the government hasn’t yet defined exactly what ‘natural’ is, shoppers recognize what they want when they see it: products devoid of artificial flavors, synthetic sweeteners, and manmade colors.

NATURALLY FLAVORED PROMASIL checks all the boxes. Made with the same sustained release blend as our original formula, NATURALLY FLAVORED PROMASIL provides fast-acting whey proteins, intermediate coverage from egg white and goat’s milk proteins, and slower-digesting casein proteins for a longer lasting amino acid stream. Better still, this elite level blend keeps things real with natural flavors, stevia and monk fruit sweeteners, and no added colors.

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