Advanced Genetics

The Advanced Genetics 360º Quality Assurance system ensures you are getting fully dosed supplements with nothing hidden. Each one is certified safe and effective by the most stringent Health Canada regulations. Our products are based on science and tested in the field by our CEO, Chris Johnson. Whether you’re a beginner hitting the iron for the first time or a well-weathered veteran of the sport, we’ve got you covered!

Chris Johnson has worked in the industry for a quarter of a century. As a national champion bodybuilder, IFBB Men’s Physique Pro, certified trainer, holistic nutritionist, and supplement distributor, Chris is an expert when it comes to training, nutrition, and supplementation. With his background and a forward-thinking vision, Advanced Genetics was created to cut through the clutter in a noisy marketplace. Creating a lineup to meet the demanding needs of today’s top bodybuilders was the primary goal. With cutting-edge ingredients, full disclosure, and no proprietary blends, the AG Army lineup can easily go head to head with and surpass anything on the market today.