EFX Sports

When your body is your business, you can’t rely on just anything to fuel it. That’s why now more than ever, hard-training Athletes are relying on EFX Sports® products to gain the competitive ‘edge’ they need. So what separates us from all the rest? Two words: Quality & Innovation.
We are in a very small, elite group, of Sports Nutrition companies. This means everything – from the purchase of raw materials, formulation, and lab testing, to the manufacturing process, packaging, labeling and shipping – is all under one roof. We’ve even developed the patented, novel ingredients used in our products, such as Kre-Alkalyn®, Karbolyn®, and Taxadral®. Who else can say all that?
Ingredients either Pass or Fail...and a ‘Fail’ is rejected and shipped back. When you invest in EFX Sports products, you are putting your faith in the efficacy and purity of our ingredients, and the integrity of our brand. That’s why we NEVER take that trust for granted.
From dock to dock, we own every phase and process to ensure that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle...without question

As A Coach, Trainer, or Parent You Should Absolutely Be Concerned About Supplements…
The nutraceutical technology available to our industry today is simply incredible. Products we could’ve only once dreamed about 30 years ago, when I first got involved, are now a reality. So, it’s not hard to understand why athletes in so many different sports use these products to gain an edge over the competition.
Unfortunately, the ever increasing demand for new and better products has attracted a few unscrupulous manufactures to our industry, each eyeing a golden opportunity to make a quick buck.

What does this mean for your team, clients or children? It means there are products available that have absolutely no business in the marketplace (even if they were available by prescription).
Seriously, some of these products literally contain illegal, ‘designer’ stimulants. While others are laced with anabolic steroids or prohormones and sold as “natural” anabolics.
Best of all, these athletes never have to worry about testing positive for illegal or banned substances which could cost them a medal, forfeit a championship, or lose a multi-million dollar contract. Understand that EFX Sports® will also never be the cheapest brand on the market. We can’t afford to be. Cutting quality means cutting corners. And that is something we absolutely, positively refuse to do. Too many outstanding athletes are depending on us. And their ongoing trust is much more valuable than money.
If that’s not enough, there are also blatant quality issues. For example, we’ve discovered numerous brands of protein products, including a few made by some of the biggest selling brands in the world, that do not meet label claims. Instead, they have been “spiked” with amino acids that help mimic their protein content. This is a deceptive, inexpensive way to dilute the actual amount protein you thought you were getting in each serving while expanding their margins.
My steadfast pledge to you, as a leading manufacturer, doctor, scientist, parent…and athlete, is that EFX Sports® products will always meet or exceed any and all industry standards. In fact, I can proudly say that no other company tests its product like we do. Period.
You see there is a distinct reason why Professional and Amateur athletes, including Olympic athletes, trust and rely on EFX Sports® as their brand of choice: They work!
- Dr. Jeff Golini, Executive Scientist, EFX Sports®