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About Us

At Supplement King, we’re driven to help Canadians achieve their health and fitness goals. Our combination of the right products, industry expertise and a contagious competitive spirit continually raises the bar for the supplement retail landscape. With over 40 locations across the country, more and more Canadians rely on Supplement King for unbeatable value and an outstanding retail experience.

Are You Ideal?

We’re looking for entrepreneurs with a strong work ethic, who embrace the growing health and fitness community. You should be competitive, charismatic, approachable and professional. A solid understanding of supplements is a plus, but not mandatory – we’ll provide the training needed to become an expert. 

Benefits of Investing

Supplement King is perfectly poised for development with the right investor. Our unique system provides a competitive advantage over both Canadian and American supplement retailers.

  • - A proven business plan designed to help licensees achieve their goals
  • - High Average Unit Volume
  • - Ability to open a new store in 30 days
  • - Well-defined real estate guidelines, handled by our exclusive broker
  • - Strong brand, promotional offers, social presence, media buy and marketing support developed by a professional marketing agency
  • - Industry leading e-commerce website that benefits local stores
  • - Established relationships with suppliers
  • - An executive team committed to building profitable businesses for licensees
  • - Extensive training programs and operating systems
  • - In house contractors who travel across Canada to construct each location with speed, precision and cost efficiency
  • - Support from leasing development and construction experts, training managers and operational managers - all working together
  • - Fiercely loyal clientele
  • - Unique e-commerce, brick and mortar hybrid retailer - the only Canadian supplement website built specifically to benefit owners

Investment Requirements

  • - Investment opportunities start at $100,000, with total project costs ranging from $180,000 - $350,000
  • - 20,000 minimum population in a 10km radius, with a $35,000 median household income
  • - Well-defined commercial area
  • - Strong employment base 
Our network of owners make everything possible. They help build a strong national brand and continually raise the bar for the supplement retail experience. We have over 40 locations across Canada, a revolutionary webstore and we’re just getting started. 

- Roger King, President

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