Do you have what it takes?


We are extremely driven to outperform yesterday’s success. We fearlessly chase goals and strive to win every time. Our customers are automatically empowered to do the same.


Although we take our goals seriously, the process is allowed to be fun. Our energy makes customers excited to visit, stay and return.


We are friendly and relatable. We realize that stepping into a supplement store can be overwhelming and intimidating. We make the experience rewarding for anyone that walks through the door. We leap out of bed each morning because anyone who walks through our doors has a goal that we want to help them achieve.


While we embody a friendly spirit, we are polished and professional. We respect our customers, our teammates, our partners and retail practices.


We are problem solvers, not salespeople. We ask the right questions and listen in an active, open way that allows us to recommend supplements and approaches that fit unique customer needs and provide long-term solutions.

What's in it for you?

  • Help fulfill Supplement King’s purpose: We exist to help Canadians improve, achieve and create better health and fitness.

  • Work in an environment that is welcoming, collaborative and supportive.

  • Be part of a team that creates transformative fitness journeys and continually raises the bar for supplement retail experience.

  • You will build product and industry knowledge. Our expertise expands beyond store walls; we educate through supplement and fitness blogs, social media and community events.

  • Employee discount and perks.