All RIVALUS products are free of banned substances and built in world class facilities. In 2013, RIVALUS was acquired by NUTRIVO LLC, owned and operated by Mike and Tony Costello, the former owners and founders of Optimum Nutrition. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Aurora, Illinois, RIVALUS products are manufactured in an ultra-modern, 130,000 square foot facility.

RIVALUS understands the needs of those who choose competitive sport as their profession. In an industry with questionable legislation, RIVALUS raises the bar for standards and quality far beyond the legal requirement or government regulatory bodies.

Many supplement companies have been caught adding ingredients which are banned in professional sports to make their product more powerful and to increase sales without listing these ingredients on the label. RIVALUS creates powerful blends, uses no banned substances and lists every ingredient used in their unique formulas.

Once a product has been formulated free of banned substances and built in a world class facility, RIVALUS then utilizes the third party testing organization INFORMED CHOICE, who randomly selects a product from store shelves and tests to ensure the product is free of banned substances. This blind testing is far superior to other organization who accept samples for testing directly from the supplement maker, leaving the potential for deceptive tactics and formula changing which could lead to a positive drug test.