Beyond Yourself Amino IQ2 30 Servings

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Zero Calories
No Artifical Dyes or Colors
Fat Free
Naturally Sweetened
Peanut Free

AMINO IQ² is one of the most unique products Beyond Yourself has ever created! Available in three absolutely delicious flavours (Blue Freeze, Tangy Peach Rings and Red, White Boom), this energizing BCAA product comes packed with a whopping 2.55g of Nootropics per serving! The unique combination of Nootropics in the formula will help fire up the brain’s cognitive centres, thereby increasing mental focus, memorization and motivation! Add in 100mg of caffeine and you have just the right amount of spark to conquer anything that gets in your way! Featuring 6g of Vegan Sourced BCAA’s, AMINO IQ² is the most complete product to have by your side when you Study, Work, Train or Game! 

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